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I’m a full-time freelancer who gave up a high-octane corporate career to become my own boss. As an organizational communications consultant, business writer/editor, and writing instructor, my business has weathered the ups and downs of the economy and is still going strong.

My tenure on Medium is a little over…

It’s more than just Medium

What I Gained from 2.5 Years on Medium It’s more than just Medium
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I discovered Medium in April 2019 and began writing here as part of an assignment for a class I was taking. My contributions were sporadic until Covid-19 shut down everything, and I began to write regularly. I reached a point where I was publishing at least 20 times a month…

Articles to help you repurpose and leverage your content for more business and income

Professional Writing Collection #2 How to repurpose and leverage your writing for more business and income
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I’m a firm believer in making everything that I write do double and triple duty. When we plan our article topics for additional usage, we save time and give ourselves greater earning potential. …

We never stop working on it

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I’m pretty resilient; I’ve had to be. As a full-time writer/editor and workshop facilitator for most of my career, I’ve received my fair share of rejections for articles and proposals. While I still feel the sting of rejection, it doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. I’ve learned that…

And it’s about to flatten me

I Feel as if I’m Standing under One of Magritte’s Boulders And it’s about to flatten me
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I have an autoimmune disease with multiple symptoms including debilitating fatigue. It can creep up on me slowly increasing in intensity until I give in and take some time off. Sometimes it just crashes down on me like one of Magritte’s boulders dropping to earth with me under it. That…

Small enhancements add up to positive results

7 Ways You Can Improve Your Articles Small improvements add up to positive results
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Our ability to create high-quality content consistently and frequently is the hallmark of a professional freelancer, since both quality and quantity are necessary for enticing readers to keep coming back for more of our work. This can be challenging, especially when we factor in other demands that eat away our…

Yo-Yo Ma didn’t become a cello virtuoso by practicing only on weekends

5 Benefits You Gain by Writing Everyday Yo-Yo Ma didn’t become a master cellist by practicing only on weekends
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When I started on the path to becoming a freelance writer and editor, I was a senior communications manager for a major bank. It was a deadline-driven job with lots of stress, long hours, and too many brushfires. Despite having a job that ate my life, I wrote every day…

The introduction is like our profile on a dating site

One Way to Boost Reader Interest in Reading Our Articles The introduction is like our profile on a dating site
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Writers want to be read. The more readers we have, the greater our audience, influence, and reach, so it becomes easier to market our services and products. The challenge is getting people to become readers of our writing.

Our introduction is the first thing readers see. Just like our profile…

Patricia Haddock

Professional writer, editor, coach for personal and professional development. Writer for Mind Cafe, Illumination, Synergy, & more. Find her at www.phaddock.com.

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